Raku Tiles

Raku Tiles - Each tile is unique in the glaze effects that result from reduction firing. No two are ever alike, and in fact individual pieces that are viewed in light from different angles highlight and change hue dramatically. These decorative wall tiles have wood mounted on the backside with a screw eye to hang it from. The selection of Raku tiles at our gallery will vary from time to time. Contact us for more information on individual pieces.

raku scene tile

Moon over Sidina - raku 6"x6"

< raku tile - rock fish

Rockfish and Shells-raku 6"x8"

Raku scene tile

Moon over Sidina - raku 6"x6"

Salamander  raku Tile

Salamander raku Tile - 6"by 8"

Dragonflies tile

Dragonflies - raku 6"x6"

Sun/comets tile

Sun/comets - raku 6"x8"